Friday, April 06, 2007

A great new band

A few of my friends performed their first show for their new band tonight, and I was amazed. I loved their sound and I thought they played very well. I want to buy their CD - but they don't have one yet. It was just a small crowd of a few of their friends, but it was a great show. I am honored to have such talented friends.

They have a bit of a Coldplay feel, with a mix including mellow and intense songs. I was definitely getting into the beat. I am far from a band critic and not quite impartial, but I think they have potential to be big. I think they need to figure out their band name before that can happen though. ;-)

The band members include:

  • Travis on drums
  • Aaron on keys, accordion and backup vocals
  • Travis on electric guitar
  • Quinn on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and keys
  • (I forget his name) on bass

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