Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why are stories so powerful?

I just watched Bridge to Terabithia again last night (twice). It's a powerfully moving story, and even if it is a kid's story, it touched something deep in my heart. It made me long for something, it made me cry. And it inspired me to pray.

I identify with Jesse in a lot of ways, especially when I was his age. Feeling outcast and longing to belong, facing bullies, being hounded about chores by my dad, wanting to express my creativity and needing others to help me get past my shyness. I had a best friend and a girlfriend. But then my girlfriend dumped me and my best friend found other friends who I didn't get along with. It wasn't death, but it was still a hard loss.

I long for my walk with Jesus to be like Jesse and Leslie in the story. The wonder, the joy, the fulfillment, the freedom of expression, the fellowship and being accepted by one who truly knows me. To walk in creativity using the gifts God's given me. To believe and see the great things He says. So that's what I prayed about last night, and I just rested in His presence.

I hope my wife someday will also be something like Leslie was to Jesse. Not replacing God, but accepting and inspiring and encouraging and having someone to fight for.

Back to the power of stories: Jesus used stories to preach, and in my own experience a testimony is more powerful than a tract. Stories like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart and others touch people deeply. I would love to be able to tell stories that touch and inspire, heal and bring hope, and perhaps gently open people's hearts to God, like Narnia.

It would be cool to write stories, and who knows if that might happen. But even if I never write a book, I would love to create games that tell stories, like Final Fantasy. I love stories, and God has given me a love and gift for technology, and games are such a popular medium today. So my dream job would be to tell stories through video games.

Stories can penetrate our hearts without our minds messing it all up. That's why they're so powerful, like few other things - such as music. They can bring hope, inspire love and bring healing. I love a good story. And I would love to somehow be involved in telling good stories.


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet, nor do know the story but will watch it.

    The amazing thing is, that you're already involved in the writing of an amazing story, YOUR life story that God is writing with and for you.

    The author is the ONE Who knows you like nobody else, including yourself. He, Who instilled the creativity and uniqueness in you so you can be who you are and how we wanted you to be.

    It's your life story bearing love, hope, healing, adventure and fun that will inspire others to turn to the next chapter in their book and I pray an anticipation in you about "what's next" in your own life...

  2. I'm excited for you in your pursuit to live out God's story. I get the sense that there is much more to you than meets the eye! You truly are a gem in the eyes of God, and your unique talents and passions WILL inspire many.

    Thanks for your friendship.

  3. Toby,

    Thanks for the encouraging reminder :) I also just bought John Eldredge's Epic which talks about our part in God's story. It is really cool to think about our situations from the perspective of God writing a story with us as characters.

    I'm looking forward to what's next. God is making an amazing story out of your life, too.

  4. Thanks Eric, you are a great friend, too. I think you tend to be more open in person, whereas that's often hard for me. But blogging allows me to share some thoughts at my own pace that I either don't have an opportunity to discuss or don't feel comfortable sharing in person.