Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our office got struck by lightning

Crazy - our office got struck by lightning friday night. The building's electrical got fried and power will be out till wed or later (5+ days total). Fortunately our servers were protected by our UPS, but our battery backup only lasts minutes, not days. So no email, intranet, online giving or phones. And the office is closed mon & tues.

Lots of drama in the meantime trying to notify people and redirect the intranet and figure out what to do. (FYI for Every Nation staff there are updates at

My comcast has been down all day which hasn't helped. At least I have internet on my treo. And, a coworker is flying home to be with family. So, if you could pray for our office situation and our staff we'd really appreciate it.

I think Jim Caviezel got struck by lightning while they were filming The Passion. I'm sure God will use this situation for good somehow.

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