Friday, June 19, 2009

Notes from God Is Not Silent by Misty Edwards

IHOP Encountering God Service on June 12, 2009

Misty Edwards

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Psalm 19

God speaks through creation

  • it makes us ask questions

when God spoke to people they wrote it down

the Bible is God's heart revealed

Misty learned how to meditate on the word of God by fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit.
Book: Experiencing the Depths of Jesus by Madame Guyon
(Note: the original version was called A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer and can be found for free)

Misty would sit down with her Bible and just read, talk to the Holy Spirit

  • she imagined the Holy Spirit was there as her teacher and ask Him questions
  • turned it into a dialogue
  • took each phrase, meditate on it, speak it to God, let God speak it to her

the Bible is the primary way to transformation

  • it is the only way our heart will be transformed

talk to Jesus through the language of the Word (Bible)

  • am I dialoging with the Lord through the Word (year after year)?

even when the Word is boring, it's still more exciting than the alternatives (how exciting is watching TV, really?)

she started to be transformed and changed
time with the Word of God with Jesus works

  • it takes time (years)

Psalm 19:7-11
the law of the Lord converts (restores) the soul

  • you come most alive because of the word
  • it makes us wise
  • it brings joy to the heart
  • it brings clarity
  • it's our lifeline
  • it sets us free

God expresses Himself:

  • in creation
  • in the Word
  • through us

One of the primary ways we will express God is through our tongue and lips

  • if David didn't have the meditation of the word he wouldn't have had the word on his lips

the word is like a chisel on our heart fashioning
His word is a light

  • it reveals stuff inside us (our heart is deceitful)
  • we have seeds of sin in our heart
our heart is the arena
  • God's word is His love letter
  • He's waiting for us to respond
  • like someone in love sharing their feelings and waiting for a response
all of life comes down to our heart response
all of life comes down to love
God is love
  • we were made in that image
  • we were made to give love, to receive love, to give love, to receive love
  • that exchange happens behind the face, at our heart level
God's asking are you going to respond? are you going to come into agreement?
you will become most fully alive when you express love
  • humility, meekness
  • love gives everything
  • you're gonna take up cross, deny yourself, deny your flesh, run after Me, forget your father's house, come away with Me
  • it's the voice of the Bridegroom
love is totally abandoned

v. 10 your word is to be desired more than gold
I want your word more than anything in life

v. 12 cleanse me from secret faults

  • that we don't even know about
  • healthy evaluation of our hearts

the arena, the war on the inside, this arena is where the word of God is most effectively worked out in our lives

  • we become the very embodiment, the very expression of God as we are transformed into his image by the power of His word
  • as we are transformed we become a testimony of who He is, become fully alive, fully who we are

v. 13 cleanse me from presumptuous sins

God values the words of our mouth

  • he is the Word
  • it's the greatest form of expression
  • complaining is a big issue in the body of Christ
  • it's one of the worst sins that shuts down our heart and the flow of the word
  • gossip is hurtful, coarse jesting is a waste
  • when we can learn to tame our tongue we can tame every part of us

v. 14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You

  • what do we think about most?
  • desire to think about God all the time
  • it happens through the word of God

our brain is always thinking

  • when we fill our mind with the word of God we'll be transformed

“if you want to enter into the depths of My heart”

  • “I am not silent”
  • get worthless things away from your eyes
  • remove wax from ears
  • come to God through the power of God
  • "I am not silent. You are not listening, but I am not silent."
  • "I want to speak to you, to interact with you, to transform you, to make you fully fully alive, I want to excite you, to exhilarate you, to give you something to live for, something to die for, to give you faith, to help your unbelief, to show you that I'm real, I exist, ..."

"will you press your ear to My heart called the Word?"

  • the Word, the very transcript of My soul
  • actually read it, talk to Me, come to Me, talk to Me
  • you don't understand it? it's boring? ask Me to help you and keep on asking Me to help you
  • cry out for the knowledge of God and you will get the knowledge of God
  • ask Him, "I want to know You"

the Bible was boring for Misty

  • but God asked her to give her time
  • get the Word of God
  • put it on the schedule

"If you really want to know Me: it's the glory of God to hide a matter, the hungry (those with a kingly, noble heart) search it out."

  • the word is for you (it’s for everyone, not just preachers - it was written for peasants)

the Word is God's heart laid open ready for you if you want it

  • it's simple but so few do it
  • it's the first thing to be cut from the schedule
  • but it's the number one thing that sustains our life

from Madam Guyon's book:
take the word

  • don't just read a verse and move on
  • pray-read the word
  • turn it into dialog
  • if we don't come to Him, our heart's not gonna come as alive
  • focus on the Holy Spirit inside of us (He's the teacher, He knows Jesus, He knows the Word) or focus on the throne
  • personalize it, ask God for help
  • pray or sing in the Spirit
  • say it or sing it
  • journal it
  • put it in my own words
  • digest it
  • it will transform our life

Jesus talked about the word all the time
John 14:21 He who has My commandments and keeps them is he who loves Me, and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.

  • it's not by casually or occasionally seeking God
  • to keep His commandments is to hold them in our heart and walk them out
  • then He will manifest Himself to us

it's so easy to get out of the habit of being in God's word

  • we need to do it every day
  • it's not a one-time badge

"I want you to come after Me"
"Will you sign up again?"

  • repent (once) for failing to be a man of the word
  • talk to the Lord
  • ask God to forgive us for accusing Him of being far away, for being hard to find, for being silent
  • ask Him to forgive us for our lack in the word
  • set our heart to be a man or woman of the word, not to take it for granted

His mercies are new every morning

  • you will come alive in His word
  • it's not a chain around your neck
  • you were made for a deep intimacy with the uncreated God
  • it's not too mysterious, it's not too far away, it's not too hard

the Lord says "My mercies are new every morning"

  • you can know Me, you can love Me
  • I knew what I was getting into when I called you
  • I am not shocked by your lack or your failure