Saturday, June 30, 2018

There's a Rift in my space-time continuum

In other words, I GOT AN OCULUS RIFT!

VR in 6 glorious degrees of freedom. It's definitely an upgrade from my Gear VR which was a lot of fun but only tracked 3 degrees of freedom. With the Rift and its Touch controllers, being able to see where my both of hands actually are in VR and even roughly my fingers is a big deal. My head movements are fully tracked, and running on a computer instead of my phone enables richer and more sophisticated immersive experiences.

I am very much enjoying experiencing virtual reality through my new system. I keep feeling a sense of wonder as I play, experiment, explore and even get a bit of exercise.

I've been a VR enthusiast since I was a teenager. I have owned a handful of VR-related components including Power Gloves, a Leap Motion sensor, Google Cardboard, and Gear VR. But I have wanted a Rift for a while and I am very excited to finally have one and dive deeper into the virtual world.

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